These services include:

  • Polishing (polishing) teeth
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Treatment of localized and chronic gingivitis
  • Treatment of chronic gingivitis
  • Scaling with ultrasound device (cleaning)
  • subgingival curettage
  • Ouloplastiki
  • Conservative treatment of periodontitis
  • Surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Amputation tooth (root resection or division)
  • splinting teeth

These services include: 

  • Total or partial denture upper and lower jaw
  • immediate dentures
  • denture repair
  • Add one tooth denture
  • add hook in denture
  • retreading denture
  • Partial denture acrylic
  • Dentures with precision-attachment link

These services incluse:

  • Tooth extraction or root
  • Treating dry or painful alveolus
  • Remove cap
  • Surgery revelation crown for sunrise
  • Remove epoulidas
  • opening abscess
  • ablation bridle

These services include: 

  • Bead entirely cast
  • Bead cast with view of photopolymerizable material
  • Bead metal-
  • Bead entirely cast with porcelain face
  • Reconstitution crown molded shaft
  • Crown or bridge entirely of porcelain
  • telescopic crowns
  • Bead zirconia
  • Temporary crowns and bridges
  • Alloy rims with precious metals (gold, chrysoplatinas etc.)

Who We Are:

Dr Michail Michalakis DDs. MSc
Dr Fotini Michalaki-Dernikou MD, DDS, Msc

38 Kifisias Avenue, Ambelokipoi, P.O. 11526 Athens, Greece